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The table below shows the number of each Gods Unchained card found in all winning decks (meta cards).
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The "UPR" value (Utility-Price-Rarity value) reflects if a card is cheap or expensive, when the utility and rarity is included (calculated: "Number of hits" divided by "Price of meteorite card" divided by "number of minted cards"). The higher this value, the better the meteorite card offer (in terms of utility, price and rarity, while compared with other cards in the same list). Core cards are excluded here, because the most existing core cards are virtual cards/not minted.

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Selected range: 2024-07-09 to 2024-07-15 UTC with 3518070 cards / compared with: 7 days before with 3712080 cards
Biggest winner in trending: Ancient Curse (+225, new rank: 1265), biggest loser: Overclock (-232, new rank: 1498)

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